Care Advice for Liebeskind Berlin Handbags

LIEBESKIND Berlin only uses the best natural leather for its products. Each purse is made by hand with carefully selected materials and worked in an artisan way. For this reason, its imperfections, any eventual creases, color shades, irregularities or non conformity in the material and in the color are to be considered features of quality and not defects. Each piece is simply one of a kind. 

This is why Liebeskind recommends to waterproof your handbag before using it the first time. This will protect your handbag if you get caught in the rain but also from dirt to soak into the leather. 

To care for your Liebeskind Berlin handbag follow these steps:

  • First determine the type of leather your bag is made from. 

  • For example waterproof suede by using a commercial suede waterproofing product (such as: Scotchgard Leather Protector for Suede and Nubuck or Kiwi Super Protector).

  • Please always use a colorless high quality, well-reputed brand waterproofing spray (such as Liebeskind Berlin Waterproofing Spray or WOLY Organic Waterstop).

  • DO NOT use a heavy silicone spray!

  • Before applying any chemicals to your handbag, play it safe and check on a small spot first. Some leather cleaners or protectors can alter the color and turn it a darker shade and/or alter texture of the leather.

  • Leave it on overnight. If you’re satisfied with the results the next day, go ahead and protect the rest of it.

  • Make sure to apply the spray outside in the open or in a well ventilated room

  • Hold the can about six inches away from the bag to make sure you spray it evenly.

  • Be careful not to get the handbag to wet.

  • Then allow your handbag to dry for 30 minutes and repeat this step twice.

With waterproofing handbags "more is better" is not true. However "the more often the better" is true. Please repeat the use of the spray regularly! Waterproof protection usually wears off between 8-10 times of wear.

Please still avoid placing you Liebeskind Berlin handbag in direct sunlight as this will dry the leather and could cause it to fade or crack.

All the best and stay beautiful...

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